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CBT Therapy – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT Therapy - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Online Course

Course Details

CBT Therapy: Online Counselling & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training Course.
This course is designed is designed so that you can make significant changes to your personal and professional life. It is suitable for beginners, practitioners and those who want to build on the existing knowledge.
This is a comprehensive course, Below are some of the topics that will be covered:
- What CBT is, Who uses CBT, and What CBT can be used for
- How to apply CBT when used as a self help therapy

- Principles of CBT
- Understanding the CBT triangle
- Recognising our emotions
- Identifying thoughts feelings and behaviours
- Understanding our thoughts feelings and behaviours
- Negative automatic thoughts
- Recognising thinking traps
- Identifying negative cycles
- Challenging negative patterns of thoughts feelings and behaviours
- Finding alternatives
- Changing unhelpful thoughts feelings and behaviours
You will have an understanding of the principles of CBT and their relevance to your life and others around you. Be able to identify and make changes to negative patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This course will equip, and prepare you, for the next stage of your learning, in advanced Counselling Skills.

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Course Outline

Section 1 - Covering the Basics of CBT

Section 2 - Anxiety

Section 3 - Let's Do CBT

Section 4 - Identifying Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviours

Section 5 - Understanding Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

Section 6 - Making Changes

Section 7 - It's All About You

What are the requirements?
- The best part about this course, is that you really need very little, in order to maximise your learning experience. Apart from an internet connection, a thirst for knowledge and a pen, are the tools you’ll need. We do include over 50 downloads, so if you want those it might be good to have access to a printer, but these are not essential to the success of the course.

What am I going to get from this course?
- You will gain an understanding of the principles of CBT and their relevance to your life and others around you.
- Identify and make changes to negative patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours.
- Equip you for the next stage of your learning in advanced Counselling Skills, and the next stage of learning to become your own CBT therapist.

What is the target audience?
- It is intended for everyone regardless of their preferred learning style
- It is suitable for those who prefer to work independently
- This course is designed so that everyone can benefit and make significant changes to their personal and professional life.
- It is suitable for beginners, right through to established practitioners.
- Those who wish to build on their existing knowledge of CBT, and those who have no prior experience of the subject.
- Those who wish to further their career in this field, or any other coaching / therapy based fields.
- Those people who are interested in self help and development.
- Those who want to train in becoming their own Counsellor and CBT therapist.


Libby Seery
- Online Counselling and Psychotherapy: Specialist in the Therapeutic Use of Technology (BACP Endorsed)
- Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Therapeutic Life Coach
- Had a number of works published and have appeared on TV and radio.
- Has trained other doctors and counsellors in specialist areas of counselling

About Libby
Libby is a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Therapeutic Life Coach.
Libby runs a very successful practice in Harley Street, London which is recognised the world over as a centre of medical excellence.
Libby is a highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, working with people from all walks of life; including referrals from charities she is involved in, to very high profile clients from all over the world.
Libby has also had a number of works published and have appeared on TV and radio.

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Appreciated Learning this course

4 5 1
Enjoyed learning about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, now I have resources to use in everyday life and lets get colouring in on....


5 5 1
I actually learned quite a lot from this course

Great Overview of CBT

5 5 1
Easy to follow course and great review of techniques.

Whole Course

5 5 1
thank you this is going to help me in my current anxiety state.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

5 5 1
I enjoyed the exercises and case studies. I believe this course has provided m with a broader but focussed attitude towards cognitive behavioural therapy which will be very useful in every situation

Excellent course

5 5 1
Easy to follow an implement. Highly recommended

Excellent course

5 5 1
Easy to follow an implement. Highly recommended

Interesting review

5 5 1
A very interesting review of CBT techniques.


5 5 1
A needed course in my life! Thanks for the fun part of learning.

Easy to Follow

4 5 1
I liked the outline. It was simple and easy to follow. I disliked the voice.


5 5 1
A great class!!! So glad I was able to take it

CBT Therapy

5 5 1
great lessons

Great Overview

4 5 1
I found this course to be a terrific insight to CBT. It certainly enhanced my interest for further studies in this field.


5 5 1
Absolutely fantastic course Found it very informative, interacting and thought provoking Come away happy l have done this coursexxx

No knowledge needed

5 5 1
Despite not having had any experience of the topic I was able to follow and understand easily the lessons conveyed and wouldn't hesitate for a moment in suggesting this course to other people

Amazing course

5 5 1
This is totally Amazing,learn how to master your self, Gain the self confidence you need, you can succeed in anything you want by applying these techniques. Ive learnt heaps completing this CBT lectures and excersises.

Great introduction to CBT

5 5 1
This is good but basic information on CBT, I really enjoy the overview and additional documentation provided.

terrific, thanks

4 5 1
This was a terrific course and I enjoyed it very much

Straight forward and informative

4 5 1
This course I wonderful, straight forward and informative. The exercises included are exactly what I was looking for to help me in every aspect of my life, as I fall into so many Thought Traps day after day, contributing to my anxiety. This course is so simple and easy to implement even with a busy lifestyle.


5 5 1

Exceeded Expectations, Thank You

5 5 1
This course went way beyond my expectations. Libby captures your attention right form the beginning, keeping you engaged throughout this comprehensive, information packed course. Libby has a gift of taking complicated subject matter (at least for me), and expressing it in a manner that you can just glide through, easily understanding every step along the way

Great Course

5 5 1
I feel that the course is going to help me considerably, as I live with acute pain and suffer from more than one symptom that I need help with, I also think that the course is set out well and easy to learn, so far I am enjoying the task.
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CBT Therapy - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 based on 22 reviews
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