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Excel Starter Course

Excel Starter - Online Course

Course Description
This Microsoft Excel training course will give you a detailed introduction into the basics. Users with little to no experience will gain a more in-depth understanding of the basic functions and operations.
You will learn how to speed up your data entering and analysis as well as automation of processes.

If you have prior knowledge of Excel you can start at the appropriate lessons.

This Course will also cover how to navigate the program, Introduce formulas and charts, Sorting Data, Worksheets and Workbooks to Page Breaks and Printing Areas.
This course is designed for Microsoft Excel 2013 however most functions are compatible with most Excel versions.

This is an interactive course that will not only show you but also allow you to participate in the lesson by clicking and typing the appropriate commands which will drastically improve your memory of the course.
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Course Overview

Module 1 - Excel Introduction

Lesson 1: Excel Introduction
What is Microsoft Excel, program overview, navigation and tab overview

Module 2 - Using Excel

Lesson 1: Using Excel
Opening a workbook, Editing page layout, Entering data, Changing cell size, Font, Colour, Copy/Cut/Paste/Special Paste, Freezing, Splitting and merging, Number Formatting

Module 3 - Introduction to Formulas

Lesson 1: Introduction to Formulas
What are formulas, Basic formulas, How to use and edit formulas

Module 4 - Introduction to Charts

Lesson 1: Introduction to Charts
Introduction, Different chart types, How to create simple charts, How to edit your chart, How to use charts effectively

Module 5 - Sorting Data

Lesson 1: Sorting Data
Sorting and Filtering Data, Data Lookup and Reference, Summarizing Data

Module 6 - Worksheets and Workbooks

Lesson 1: Worksheets and Workbooks
Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks, Sharing Workbooks with Other users

Module 7 - Page Breaks and Printing Area

Lesson 1: Page Breaks and Printing Area
Page Breaks, Print Preview and Printing area

- Microsoft Excel 2013 (most functions taught in this lesson are compatible with other versions)

The beginner course is broken up in easy to learn modules that you can complete anywhere, any time on your PC, tablet or mobile.


38b4c14Shawn McCreight
- Professionally Certified Instructional Designer
- eLearning Developer with 25+ years experience.


About Shawn
Shawn is a Professionally Certified Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer with 25+ years experience. Committed to continuing education, current and emerging technologies and best practices.
Shawn specialises in customizing solutions involving a collaborative approach to ensure the concepts introduced in the program can come to life within an organization and are supported for sustainability.
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great course

5 5 1
was a great course learnt a lot


5 5 1
really easy to follow. Good course

Easy to follow

4 5 1
Great course for learning the basics of excel.


5 5 1
Found the course easy to follow.

Excel started course

4 5 1
a few confusing instructions, but generally good.

Excel Starter

3 5 1
Easy to follow

Excel Starter

5 5 1
Great for visual learners

Excel Course

5 5 1
Very well presented , Thanks !

Easy to follow

5 5 1
Great interaction learning


5 5 1
Great course, highly recommended

Very easy to follow and understand.

5 5 1
I love this interactive course, It makes learning much easier when you can do it at your leisure.


5 5 1
Great Beginners course....loved it. Dave :)


4 5 1
Great interactive course

Good course

5 5 1
Clear, Easy to follow, Enjoyable

Learnt everything I need to know

5 5 1
I have little experience with Excel and always found it daunting. I now know all that I need to use Excel


4 5 1
The course itself was great, The reason this I rate this 4 instead of 5 is that I found the interactive commands sometimes a little slow and clunky but for the most part they were great

Great Structure

5 5 1
Great Class! Very easy to follow and understand. I love how the terms are very well explained so you always know what you are doing and why.

Very informative begginers course

5 5 1
I was very pleased with the course. It is concise, comprehensive and informative. The interactivity is great although I found it difficult on my iPad so I used my laptop which was fine

Easy to follow

5 5 1
Very easy to follow and understand.

Great for Beginners

5 5 1
Great beginners course. Explains all the tools and terms in detail. Highly Recommend

Love the Interactive Course

5 5 1
I love this interactive course, It makes learning much easier when you can do what you are being taught.
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Excel Starter Course Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 based on 21 reviews
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