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Advanced Excel Course

Advanced Excel – Online Course

Course Description

This Microsoft Excel Advanced training course will give you a deeper understanding of the many complex and in-depth features of Excel.

With over 400 formula functions you need to know how to find the ones you need, This course will prepare you to locate and use the many advanced functions in Excel and will provide an in-depth look at the most commonly used.

This is an interactive course that will not only show you but also allow you to participate in the lesson by clicking and typing the appropriate commands which will drastically improve your memory of the course.

Course Overview

Module 1 - Understanding Commands

Lesson 1: Problem Solving and Understanding Commands
Problem Solving, TRUE, FALSE, IF, AND, OR and NOT

Module 2 - Finding and Highlighting Formulas

Lesson 1: How to Find and Highlight Formulas
How to find and highlight formulas, Hierarchy of actions in formulas, ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN and Using CONVERT

Module 3 - Date and Time

Lesson 1: Understanding and Using Date and Time
Understanding Date and Time formatting, Using formula with your Date and Time, Using DATEDIF and END-OF functions

Module 4 - Macros

Lesson 1: Understanding and Using Macros
Understand Macros, How to create Macros, Creating triggers, Multiple actions and Fixing errors.

Module 5 - Using Formulas

Lesson 1: Using Formulas for Information
How to get information and fix errors using formulas

Module 6 - PivotTables

Lesson 1: Understanding and Using PivotTables
Understanding and creating PivotTables, Using formulas in PivotTables, Making interactive PivotTables

Module 7 - Cleaning your Spreadsheets

Lesson 1: Cleaning your Spreadsheets
Steps to making charts cleaner, Adding projections and trends, Adding pictures and charts, Creating break-even charts

What Will I Learn?
You will learn the advanced features that will improve your excel skills including the following:
– Finding and Highlighting Formulas
– Date and Time Functions
– Macros
– Using formulas to find and edit data
– PivotTables
– Cleaning your spreadsheets
– Problem Solving and Commands

– Microsoft Excel 2013 (most functions taught in this lesson are compatible with other Excel versions)
– A basic understanding of Excel

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Shawn McCreight

Shawn is a Professionally Certified Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer with 25+ years experience. Committed to continuing education, current and emerging technologies and best practices. Shawn specialises in customizing solutions involving a collaborative approach to ensure the concepts introduced in the program can come to life within an organization and are supported for sustainability.


– Professionally Certified Instructional Designer
– eLearning Developer with 25+ years experience.

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