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Boxing, kickboxing & self defense: learn fighting

Boxing, Kickboxing & Self Defense: Learn Fighting – Online Course

Course Details

Have you wanted to train to become a good fighter, or learn a fun way to lose weight but were too shy to join boxing gyms?
Well now you can become a better fighter, learn self defence, increase confidence, Get in shape and be able to stand up for yourself.
This course will teach you strategies and techniques from boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai martial arts.
Not only will you learn exercises and techniques in the course, you will get a great workout and get fantastic skills that will help you defend yourself at the same time.


Course Outline

Section 1 - Course Introduction

Section 2 - Basics and fighting fundamentals

Lesson 2: Stance and footwork
How to move around when fighting
Lesson 3: How to hold your hands for defence
How to hold your hands for defence and not get hit
Lesson 4: Stance for beginners
Beginners guide to stances

Section 3 - Basic Punches - Which will you use as your knockout punch

Section 4 - Basic Kicks

Section 5 - Defending against the other person's punches

Lesson 22: How to block punches
How to block punches in close situations or when attacked in a closed space
Lesson 23: Slipping
Hot to make your opponent miss their punches, And counterattack

Lesson 24: Ducking from punches and counterattack
Ducking from punches and rolling to get into a counterattacking position

Section 6 - Putting it all together

Lesson 25: If you get attacked in a closed situation
If you get attacked in a closed situation like an elevator

Lesson 26: Common punch combinations to practice
Lesson 27: More punch combinations
More punch combinations to practice and experiment with
Lesson 28: How to make your punches stronger
How to make your punches stronger and add more power to your punch
Lesson 29: Fitness exercises and regime
Fitness exercises and regime to make you a stronger fighter

Section 7 - Natural ways to improve performance

Section 8 - Conclusion

Lesson 32: Alex shares his boxing mistakes
Alex shares his boxing mistakes as a beginner

What are the requirements?
– You should understand that this course alone is not going to make you become a good fighter, You will need practice
– You should ensure you do not get too confident in your fighting ability after taking this course
– You will need to be medically fit and have permission from your doctor or physician to exercise

What am I going to get from this course?
– Learn different kinds of punches
– Learn different types of kicks
– Defend yourself with boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques
– Stand up for yourself
– Learn a new and fun way to exercise
– Learn boxing basics and fundamentals in the safety of your home
– Get in shape

What is the target audience?
– People who want to get in shape
– People who want to learn fighting and self defence techniques
– People who are curious about how to punch and kick correctly

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Alex Genadinik

– 3 time best selling Amazon author
– Business Coach
– Over 50,000 students on many subjects
– Creator of popular entrepreneur mobile apps
– Host of popular business and marketing YouTube channel

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Joey Zanca

– Personal Trainer
– MMA training fighter
– 10 years boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and grapling
– Fitness coordinator for Title Boxing Club
– Program Director for Mutant MMA

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All students should have permission from a Doctor or Physician for high intensity workouts before taking this course.

This course is designed as a guide only.
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