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Learn to Speak: Conversational French

Learn to Speak: Conversational French – Online Course

Course Details

This course is designed to help everyone from people who have never learnt French before, To those who are wanting to brush up on the language for a holiday or business trip.
The course is audio based and is taught by a bilingual speaker, It is also supported with on-screen transcripts for easier learning and better retention.
There are also printable vocabulary guides to take with you wherever you go.
This course is an easy way to begin learning French and is designed so that you can go at your own pace.
If you want to learn French as a hobby or have a necessity to learn or brush up on French for an upcoming trip then this course is for you.


Course Outline

Module 1 - Why choose to learn another language?

Lesson 1: The benefits of learning another language
Lesson 2: The French Language

A look at what the French language entails, from masculine and feminine nouns to the different tenses. Contains some important information on the course layout.
Download: Pro tip to boost your learning potential

Module 2 - Greetings and personal profile

Module 3 - Getting around town

Module 4 - Social Life and Dining Out

Module 5 - Body Parts and illnesses

Module 6 - Conclusion

Module 7 - Useful Extras

Module 8 - 60 Second Flash Card Videos - Learn on the Go

What are the requirements?

– You do not need and knowledge of the French language, This course is as brand new learning.
– For the downloadable materials a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader is required.
– If you wish to download the course as a slideshow an online program such as Google Docs can be used however Microsoft PowerPoint is recommended.

What am I going to get from this course?
– By the end of this course you will be able to hold a basic conversation with a native French speaker
– In this course you will learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions to important landmarks and order a range of food and drinks.

What is the target audience?
– The course is suitable for people with limited-to-no previous French experience

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Scott McElroy

– Experienced teacher of French and Spanish
– Bachelors degree in Education with French specialism
– 2 Years experience teaching English in France
– Has taught over 10,000 students online

Scott is an experienced teacher of French and Spanish. After a 2 year period teaching English in France, Scott found a passion for teaching and went to university and gained a Bachelors degree in Education with a specialisation in French. Scott has taught over 10,000 students online.

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